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PhD Fellows and Projects

BestPass provides a unique opportunity for young researchers to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to develop and utilize new technologies for understanding and using endophytes to improve plant productivity in a sustainability way. The project has 15 PhD fellowships and offers open masterclasses and seminars.

PhD fellows

BestPass has hired 15 PhD fellows to perform state-of-the-art research within their respective research projects.

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The BestPass PhD fellows will:
• be part of unique research network with 15 fellow PhD students
• go on exchange-visits to both academic and non-academic laboratories
• obtain tailored training (seminars, master classes, practical training etc.)
• receive mentoring and guidance for developing individual research competences and careers

More information about the PhD fellowships

Training Events

The field of beneficial microorganisms is expanding rapidly and many major industrial players in Europe and elsewhere are expanding their efforts to improve the yields of agriculture using microbial stimulants. We have designed a training programme which places focus on both understanding the fundamental biology of the interactions between microorganisms and their plant hosts and the practical problems of working with these interactions in practise. Many of our events will also be open for non-BestPass PhD students.

BestPass will offer following PhD training:
• Technical workshops
• Masterclasses
• Seminars
• Courses on Field Trials

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