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In September 2015 the Best project was granted by the Research Executive Agency under the European Commission for a period of 4 years.

The BestPass project will provide fundamental biological as well as practical knowledge about interactions between endophytes and plants. This improved understanding will pave the way for increased use of endophytes to improve sustainability and plant productivity in a reliable way.


Plant endophytic microorganisms can improve plant yield and enhance plant tolerance to abiotic stress as well as to pathogens under experimental conditions, but these effects are often not sufficiently stable for practical application. The BestPass project will address these concerns and train a new generation of researchers who will have a profound understanding of the potential for endophytes to contribute to the next green revolution.


BestPass provides a unique opportunity for young researchers to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to develop and utilize new technologies for understanding and using endophytes to improve plant productivity in a sustainability way. The project has 15 PhD fellowships, open masterclasses and seminars.

Who is involved?

The BestPass project brings together major research groups from leading universities, research institutes and key biotechnology companies constituting a highly innovative and multidisciplinary consortium from 6 European countries and New Zealand. The Best Pass consortia consists of 12 beneficiaries, 7 partner organisations and 5 Advisory Board members.